Wells of Joy New Headmaster

 Dear friends,  My name is Sine Alex the new headmaster of Wells of Joy Victory Mixed Day and Boarding Primary School Kapeeka. I am very grateful to work with this school. I love God and I enjoy working with children especially when the school is on a Christian foundation like   Read More

Class Photo Bloopers

Since the school year is nearly over, I gathered each class together to do student photos and a class photo. Of course, taking photos is still pretty new to the kids, so we have fun trying to get good shots. I’ll be sending out annual updates and photos to all   Read More

no last name…

Since we started our child sponsorship program, there is one question that I get asked frequently. “Which name do I address the child by?” People are confused because they see both names being used and aren’t sure why children are going by their last name. It actually isn’t as confusing   Read More

Uniforms for all!!

Thanks to child sponsorship, every child now has a uniform and sweater. The children all have great things to say about their uniforms. The most common is, “I look smart now.” Although we have about 50 students still needing sponsors, we were able to get every child a uniform thanks   Read More

What’s in a name?

Wells of Joy…you must dig water wells or something like that? Actually, we have a well on our property, more than one in fact; but, no, we don’t have anything to do with wells. So where did the name come from??? Choosing a name for a ministry is not as   Read More