Class Photo Bloopers

Since the school year is nearly over, I gathered each class together to do student photos and a class photo. Of course, taking photos is still pretty new to the kids, so we have fun trying to get good shots. I’ll be sending out annual updates and photos to all of our sponsors and pen-pals, but here I thought I’d share some of the bloopers.

The youngest kids still have a mix of confusion and curiosity when it’s time to take photos. nursery-blooper

The P1 students were full of giggles.        p1-class-blooper p2-blooper

P2 (above), P3 & P4 (the next 2 below) got it right pretty quickly, but with a few funny guys in each group, we had to take multiple shots.p3-blooper-1 p4-blooper-1

The P5 students are more used to Aunt Tamra and her camera, so a simple suggestion was all it took to get them to have a little fun.p5-blooper-1

Tyler showed the kids a classic funny face and some of them were brave enough to give it a try. p5-blooper

I only had to ask P6 if they could make a better crazy picture than P5 to get them to loosen up… p6-blooper-1

and Tyler showed them the same funny face. (Did you notice that little Edgar joined the group?)p6-blooper