What is the difference between a Day Student Sponsorship and a Boarding Student Sponsorship?

A Day Student travels to and from school each day. Each day sponsorship ensures that the child receives lunch and a snack every day, the tuition and fees required for school, a complete uniform, basic medical care, Christian discipleship, positive self-worth and character development programs, hygiene training, and counseling in HIV/AIDS prevention.
A Boarding Student lives on campus throughout the school term, going home only for holidays. Each boarding sponsorship ensures that the child receives everything included in the day sponsorship, as well as breakfast and dinner, weekend meals, a mattress, a mosquito net, and additional extracurricular activities.

What payment options are available?

You can make your sponsorship contribution at a variety of intervals, whether you prefer monthly, quarterly, annually. You can view all of the options on our giving website. You can use a credit card or electronic funds transfer from a checking account. Please remember the ministry is charged additional fees for each credit card transaction; therefore, when possible, using an electronic funds transfer from a checking account will maximize the benefit to your child.

Why does the giving link take me to a website for Christ Fellowship??

Christ Fellowship is one of the founding partners for Wells of Joy. They are located in McKinney, Texas. Christ Fellowship processes our payments and provides the back office management at no additional cost to Wells of Joy. This allows your financial gifts and sponsorship to be tax deductible in the US and ensures that more of your gift directly benefits the child. When setting up your payment, please make sure you have designated Wells of Joy Child Sponsorship in the drop down menu.

Can I choose the child I will sponsor?

We do not publish information regarding specific children on our website or in communications. You can give us specific details regarding the child you would like to sponsor, such as a boy or girl, age range, class in school, or birthday month, and we will do our very best to match your request.

How will I learn about my sponsored child?

Initially, you will receive a photo and facts about your child. Soon following the initial letter, you will receive a letter of greeting from your sponsored child. In this letter they will introduce themselves to you. From that point, you will receive 3 letters per year from your sponsored child. In addition to communication from the child, you will receive an annual update and photo from Wells of Joy Uganda. Also, you can follow our blog for more frequent updates and fun stories.

Can I communicate with my sponsored child?

You have the option of providing a silent sponsorship or developing a relationship with your sponsored child. We know that some folks do not have the time or the desire to send letters and communicate regularly with their sponsored child, and that is completely okay. When a silent sponsorship is chosen, you will still receive updates about your child, photos, and a letter once a year; however, you won’t need to send letters to your child. We would encourage you to send a Christmas gift/card each year but even that is up to you.

How long will the child need a sponsorship?

In nearly every case the child will need a sponsorship until they finish their education and become self-sufficient. Because our program runs in conjunction with Wells of Joy Victory Primary School, if a child no longer attends our school, they will no longer receive sponsorship. In that case, you will be notified and given the option to move your sponsorship to another child in need.

Can I send a gift to my sponsored child?

At Wells of Joy we desire for all children to feel loved and accepted. In order to prevent rivalry or jealousy among students, we limit gifts to once a year. We would love for every student to receive a back-to-school gift.
Why not Christmas? The school calendar in Uganda runs from the first week of February to the first week of December. Due to this calendar, the children are not at school at Christmas time. Fortunately, if you want to prepare a gift for your sponsored child at Christmas time, it will arrive in Uganda just in time for the child to receive it as a back-to-school gift the first week of February.
Here are some ideas of items to send that sponsored children would especially enjoy:
• Stickers
• Colored Pens
• Pencils
• Hair ribbons
• Coloring books
• Paper airplanes
• Small notebooks or pads of paper
• Colored pencils and a small sharpener
• Crayons
• Bandannas or Scarves
• Bookmarks
• Small puzzles
• Handmade items (small paintings, flat craft projects)
• Drawings made by your children, grandchildren or children at your church
Wells of Joy can accept monetary gifts on behalf of the children as well; however, we work to establish a sense of community, so monetary gifts will be pooled to benefit all of the children. Some examples of how this money is used include end of term classroom parties, celebrations for special holidays such as Easter, Independence Day, and other Ugandan holidays, a monthly celebration for all birthdays occurring during that month, etc.

What happens if I can’t continue my sponsorship?

We understand that things can be out of your control and your situation may change. Should you have to discontinue your sponsorship, please just contact us as soon as possible. We will trust the Lord to provide a new sponsor for your child.