Child Sponsorship

Child sponsorship is the primary method that enables our students to attend school. We could not provide as much for each child without the support of every sponsor.

The on-going giving through child sponsorship enables the ministry to serve families who cannot afford to educate their children. Many families struggle to provide food, clothing, and basic needs for their children, so education is not something they consider. Sponsorship comes alongside these families by helping provide for the whole child – mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Not only do the children get an education, they also receive a well balanced diet that includes the staple foods that are common in Uganda as well as beef, vegetables, and milk. Malnutrition has been shown to negatively impact a child’s ability to learn. Providing a varied diet gives the children the nutrients that are lacking and enables them to focus in the classroom and gain the most benefit from their studies.

Every student receives complete school uniforms and basic medical care. In addition, boarding students are provided with a comfortable bed covered with a mosquito net to prevent malaria. Our students also participate in extra-curricular activities like music, art, sports,Christian discipleship, positive self-worth and character development programs, hygiene training, and counseling in HIV/AIDS prevention.

Please consider sponsoring one of our children today. Just click on the sponsor button in the table below and complete the giving page.

For more information, visit our FAQ page.

  Yearly Monthly  
Boarding Student 432.00 36.00 Sponsor
Day Student 264.00 22.00 Sponsor