Special Projects

Special projects are one-time expenses that meet a specific need.

This well is just one example of what we call special projects at Wells of Joy. In order to provide clean water and reduce the amount of time spent fetching water, a new well was dug right next to our primary school in September, 2015. It was made possible by a generous donation.

Child sponsorship covers the on-going expense necessary to care for each child. But, additional funds are required to continue developing the school and preparing for the next step requires additional funds as well. Perhaps you can help with something on our list of current needs.

IMMEDIATE NEED: Gutters and water collection tanks for the dormitories and latrine. $2,470 per dorm (x2) + $800 for the latrine = $5,740


Paint supplies to paint the exterior of the dorms and school buildings.

Playground equipment for the primary school.

A multi-purpose hall (for dining, assemblies, and parent meetings).

Furnishing for the dorms and classrooms (wardrobes for the children’s belongings, desks, chairs, bulletin boards, etc).

Plumbing and septic installation for the staff housing.

A security house at the main gate.

You can give toward any of these needs through our giving portal. Please include a gift description to specify which project you’d like to support.